Life with Engera

Engera is open to several types of collaborations. Every one can give his personal contribute using his peculiar competences and possibilities.

You can see the homepage, click on "I like", register to the website, insert some comments in the pages of the Engera's website, share contents through sharing buttons at the bottom of the page, put Engera website link on your website, make a donation with your credit card on the website, leave as volunteers in missions (15 days to months), present a project, be international, national, regional or local cooperators, propose a written text (on charity, voluntary service or international cooperation; regarding sanitary, sociological, economical, political or ecological topic), propose a new section of the website or administer one already present, make translations in other languages, find sponsors interested in giving an economic support to the association.
With love, with fondness, with willness, the most important thing is to do it. Let's share Engera.

Sei uno specialista che vuole condividere le sue conoscenze con i volontari (italiani, europei, africani)?
Vuoi organizzare il tuo evento online di beneficenza? Vuoi affiancare un evento online alla tua cena, alla tua riffa, al tuo compleanno (o a qualsiasi tuo evento "reale") per raccogliere fondi in modo trasparente? Ora con Engera lo puoi fare!
The number of health workers in the world is distributed in a dishomogeneous manner, as we can read in the following document. Etiopia is one of the states with the lowest number of health workers in the world
La conoscenza di un popolo , della sua terra , delle sue usanze e  delle sue problematiche  e' una delle colonne portanti di Engera. Crediamo infatti che solo con questo presupposto sia possibile collaborare e riuscire a sviluppare progetti sostenibili a lungo termine.  Uno dei primi requisiti......
The knowledge of a people, its land, its customs and its problems is one of the pillars of Engera. We believe that only with this assumption we can be able to collaborate and develop projects that are sustainable in the long term. One of the first requirements of our volunteers is the skill to...
I consigli pratici del Responsabile della cooperazione odontoiatrica dottor Lorenzo Serafini
The association Engera dental activity takes place mainly at the outpatient clinics of Maganasse, Getche, and Burat Zizencho. These location units are within the Guraghe area. These facilities are equipped with limited facilities, which are, however, increased from year to year, thanks to private......
If you are interested in collaborating with Engera, please create an an account and then contact us. Your help is vitally needed.
Not only donations: there are other ways to give help to the Association Engera.
Le parole chiave sono Community Health e  Balanced Scorecard. Non parole vuote, ma i pilastri sul quale risollevare o meglio dire creare il nuovo Sistema Sanitario Etiope.
Work with us, become a Volunteer! We base our activity on volunteers that constitute 100% percent of our total work force to carry on our humanitarian work. Engera People welcome any kind of doctor, nurse, or any other health practitioner.