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Projects in Africa

Engera operated for many years in Gurage Region. Engera is contributing to the direct health action, to the formation of local personnel, to the construction of new health structures and to the restauration of already existing health facilities in remote villages of this area.

The health and well being of a person rely on several factor beyond sanitary field. According to this consideration Engera is searching to differentiate its projects in order to reply to the needs we are noticing in the areas under support.

Progetto Shebrabrer: ultime dall'Etiopia

Engera APC in collaboration with the Tuscany Region and the Meyer Children's University Hospital is currently developing a new Clinic in the Shebraber area.

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Manganasse Project

Maganasse is a health care facility located 7 km from Emdibir, seat of the eparchy. 

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Burat Project

Engera APC Onlus has supported the health center of Burat by purchasing drugs and diagnostic equipment. Since 2011 Engera is financing three years of study for a young ethiopian girl to become a nurse.

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Getche Project

In the village of Getche, Guraghe area, 200 km in the southwest of Addis Abeba, Engera APC Onlus has supported the development and the strengthening of the birth’s center and the host structure of the pregnant women  (already existing) by a supply of significant equipment for imaging techniques and by a supply of necessary equipment to...

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Zizencho Project

In Zizencho, an isolated village in a remote area hard to reach, where about 10.000 people are without any type of health care, Engera APC Onlus committed itself to transform and develop the existing health service carried out by some nuns inside a container .

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Madonna of Life

The Village Madonna Of Life is in Addis Abeba. Several orphans are waiting for an adoption. During their permanence children are monitored in ambulatories.

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Objective: The provision of oxygen supply equipment for newborns. The equipment will be purchased for each of the small rural healthcare facilities in the area and for the birthing wards of the Getche and Zezencho hospitals.
Details: 1. Objective Galeya-Rogda is one of the most recent Engera projects. The goal of this project is the planning and opening of a clinic in the village of Galwya-Rogda which will provide healthcare access for over 20,000 inhabitants living in or near the village. Even though the number of....
The project involves the establishment and implementation of a health facility in Shebraber, located in the region of Guraghe, Ethiopia. The project is designed to alleviate health problems occurring in the region of Guraghe, overall and particularly in the activation area of the project.
Il sostegno di Engera alle popolazioni bisognose del Gurage: qualche numero........ In breve alcuni dei principali investimenti sostenuti dall'Associazione negli ultimi anni ed il costo dei progetti in corso
Micro-credit project for women in the Shebraber One of the goals of Engera is 'To empower families through micro-credit projects with groups of women”.
Objective: To fund a nurse training program for Ethiopians which will require program graduates to work as nurses in one of the hospitals in Zezencho, Getche or Burat for at least 5 years.
Details: In the villages where we operate, the clinic and school system are very closely intertwined. Engera recognizes not only the importance of healthcare, but also of childhood education. One of our projects is the “Awatie Nursing Schools.” The goal of the project is to provide furniture,....
Artemisia is a project based in Gurage aiming at the improvement of malaria diffusion and therapy