The current work is frenetic and exciting. We spent the first days of the mission as planned in Addis. The group soon became very cohesive and efficient. 

group Engera united

The great work of separation and sorting drugs and clothes was done very quickly thanks to the cooperation and goodwill of all. The speed of these operations has allowed usto leave for Guraghe the day immediately following the arrival in Addis.

Nothing unexpected occurred during the trip and, as usual, the hospitality of the bishop and the local population was warm.

Engera group physician united

The groups are currently distributed as follows:

Daniela Melotti and Francesco Bordoni

Giovanni Bordoni (today in Wolisso to perform certain surgical procedures)
Fausto Romeo
Caterina Stefanelli

Francesco Silenzi
Francesca Afrifa
Sarah Antonini
Laura Venturini

Burat Engera Africa Ethiopia

burat clinic

Caterina Bonaccini
Juanita Radicchi
Daniele Serranti
Michele Spinicci 

In the first week of activities  more than a thousand patients have already been visited . The time spent on site has allowed us to test the evolving needs of thelocal population both in terms of medical and social needs.

Engera patients

My visit and Francesco's visit in Galeya Rogdha confirmed a situation of absolute gravity and urgent need to help the rising small clinic which is lacking of  resources. 

The supply of huge quantities of drugs can only temporarily stop a serious situation which we are committed to deal in the coming months.

Stay tuned for updates on the mission ended and good luck to those whoremained in Ethiopia.

Translation by Marco Capizzi