The aim of Engera (that means bread in Ethiopian amaric language) was to give direct medical, social, economic support and assistance to Ethiopian population without any intermediation. Many doctors has done some missions (usually 3-5 every year) in different Ethiopian zones, exspecially in Addis Abeba and in the Gurage Zone 250 km south from Addis Abeba, 2,800 meters altitude. Oro-geography, socio-economical situation, absence of infrastructures (no roads) make extremely difficult health services to the population.

The activity of Engera is totally direct, so that funds, electromedical machines, laboratory instruments and drugs are directly carried from Engera volunteers during their missions without intervention of "third parties". This approach permitted a total control of funds.

Engera was operative in absence of an official organization since 2005. First missions took place in Addis Abeba. Object of their activities was St. Mary's Orphanage organizing medical care dedicated to 300 orphans, developing a good model of hygienic-sanitary assistance, teaching to local volunteers and nurses. After those experiences Engera missions have taken place in the rural region of Gurage. Medical doctors, nurses and volunteers gave general and specialistic medical assistance to the population. Specialists of many sectors gave their effort to obtain the goal standard of the project. Year after year Engera directly gave to the population tons of drugs, food, dresses and vaccines. Last year a new project started, dedicated to contribute to build two new clinics to improve medical care in Zezencho and Getche zones.